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Hollywood Marine Construction focuses on the construction, renovation, and preservation of private, residential, and public boat docks, bulkheads, piers, and decks, patios and gazebos. We offer custom builds and a wide variety of upgrades and accessories to make your dream project a reality. We’re conveniently located in Hollywood, FL, so we’re close to both the Broward and Miami/Dade areas. We serve just about all of Southeastern Florida, including Hialeah, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach

Custom Docks

Hollywood Marine Construction excels at dock construction, and seawall and pier installations for both commercial and residential customers. We can assist you in designing the perfect pier or dock to meet all of your specifications while remaining both beautiful and useful. Have you thought about how you’d like your dock to look?  We work closely together to make your ideal boat dock a reality.

We understand that docks are more than simply a place to keep your watercraft stored; they’re usually an extension of your outdoor living space, a place to party, chill out, and entertain guests. In search of something different than your neighbors dock? We’re your marine contractor, and we aim to provide our customers with exactly what they desire. Allow Hollywood Marine Construction to create your new dock system, relieving you of the concern and tension.

We have extensive knowledge installing and designing docks to meet the requirements of any project. HMC is ready to build your ideal boat dock, from the piers, to the decking, to the numerous important accents and accessories.

We use high-quality products that have been chosen to withstand the harsh Florida weather, whether saltwater or freshwater, for as long as feasible. Decking can be custom ordered, and you can choose from options like a trendy “through-flow” look or wood-grained decking, hardwood decking, or traditional HDPE plastic. Regardless of the material you choose, all of our docks are built to be structurally sound and long-lasting. They are built to hold up to even the most severe weather conditions.

Additionally, HMC has an in-house paralegal that provides licensing solutions at the local, state, and federal levels. Our experts will help you make sure your dock looks good, functions flawlessly, and is legal. We imagine and build unbelievable, 100% customized docks with your vision and comfort in mind. Extend your living space today by reaching out to Hollywood Marine Construction!

Dock Repairs

Preventative Maintenance

It is easy to overlook your dock maintenance at times, particularly when we are unlikely to use our boat docks as much as we would like. However, small issues may go without repair, resulting in expensive repairs later on. Let our dock and deck specialists to perform an inspection instead. We’ll inspect your dock, cables, lifts, and other equipment and structures before recommending upgrades or repairs. Whatever decking components your dock contains, consistent care is required year-round to avoid problems from snowballing into worse problems. You wouldn’t put off visiting the dentist for years just to discover you have a dozen cavities and require a root canal! Scheduled maintenance will help you avoid costly problems.


Does you dock look terrible? Have you found evidence of your dock getting older? Do you see issues related to extreme weather? Don’t worry, we’re experts at repairing damaged and outdated docks; it’s how we got started. Don’t put off repairing your dock since a minor problem now might quickly evolve into a large, expensive one after just one season of sweltering weather. Our experts will visit and have a look at your dock, evaluate the damage, and return it to its former magnificence.

Hollywood Marine Construction provides first-class dock maintenance. Through our dock maintenance program, we can give you a sense of security. Severe weather, choppy water, and the volatile saltwater environment may all wreak havoc on your dock. This is why it’s vital to have frequent dock maintenance conducted to make sure that everything is in “Ship Shape” with your dock. We consistently prioritize safety, and our frequent dock service will keep you, your family, property, and guests safe from avoidable mishaps.


Seawall Installation

Maintain the value of your beachfront home by installing and maintaining a seawall barrier. At HMC, we specialize in sea barriers, bulkheads and retaining walls for both residential and commercial customers. The majority of our retaining walls are constructed of steel, vinyl or concrete, but seawalls can also be constructed of natural stone or other natural products. County and State regulations may also affect your choice of materials. 

When allowed, retaining walls constructed of vinyl are our preferred approach due to their longevity and strength, often lasting over 30 years with ongoing maintenance. We can custom design a retaining wall to suit your specific property, protecting it from the water while also making it look elegant.

Sea Wall Repairs and Maintenance

Not all seawall damage is catastrophic. There are numerous minor repair issues that can occur, and fixing them can be simple when routine maintenance is scheduled. The real issues arises when the interval between damage and repair is extended. A sinking steel seawall, as an example, will almost certainly have to be replaced, as a would a bulkhead that allowing dirt to leak into the ocean. When in doubt, make an appointment with any of our skilled professionals!

Damage to a seawall can happen due to many different issues, but the reasons are usually easy to understand. Due to this, you should have a professional look at your seawall regularly. Nonetheless, depending on the sort of seawall that you have installed, here’s a list of things to keep your eye on:

  • Steel Seawalls: Corrosion spots, leaks, and cracks
  • Riprap: stones that have moved and require replacing
  • Concrete Seawalls: Upheaval or sinking slabs

We suggest that you hire a professional because properly maintaining a seawall requires the guidance of someone who has lots of experience. We are ready and happy to assist! 

Decks and Pergolas

A dock doesn’t end at the shoreline, as it’s just an expansion of your outdoor living space. Hollywood Marine Construction can assist with any decking project, whether it’s a standalone deck in the backyard, or a deck attached to your dock. Give us a call right away to get started on your next build. Our knowledgable construction company fixes, updates and custom builds decks, pergolas, and patios, as well as docks and seawalls. At Hollywood Marine Construction, we know decks and docks Miami!

We build decks from only the highest quality products including cedar, treated pine woods, and Ipe, or composite materials including TimberTech, TREX and Fiberon. Our flexibility allows you the most versatility in regards to style, price and quality. All of our work comes guaranteed, so you never have to worry about an issues with your new deck project. We’ll make sure you’re satisfied completely before we finalize the job.

Our outstanding deck and dock construction group is one of the best in the business and we believe our attitude keeps us ahead of the crowd. We’re always punctual, ready to work, and we always maintain our professionalism throughout the entire process. Call HMC today and see why our team is the best in the business at what we do and why we’re known to specialize in decks and docks Miami!


The short answer is yes. Having a dock will increase your home’s value. The amount really depends on the dock’s features and condition. A well maintained dock will add value to your home as a recreation and relaxation space.

Docks typically last about 20 to 30 years depending on the quality of the build, and the level of routine maintenance performed. Hiring the right dock builder and continuing to maintain your dock will ensure that you can enjoy it for decades to come.

The price of a new dock can vary greatly based on what you want to include, the size, seabed condition, access to the site, and the materials you choose. However, the basic guideline is around $25 to $50 per square foot.

The average size is varied here in South Florida, and really depends on the use. If you’re planning on storing a boat and want an attached outdoor living space, you could end up with a very large dock. If you want something more basic, a 10’X20′ dock may be more suitable.

Did You Know?

  • All docks, dock systems, and dock accessories need some amount of yearly maintenance. Failure to perform this task results in damage and eventually failure if the issue is not resolved.
  • Sea walls should also be inspected annually since preventative actions are far less costly than repair and replacement.
  • Damaged and degraded timber piles may be repairable if proactive actions are implemented promptly. 

Service Area

We serve most of Southeastern Florida from northern Fort Lauderdale to southern Miami and everything in between, including the following cities: Hialeah, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach.

Why Hire Hollywood Marine Construction?

At Hollywood Marine Construction, we have a small but knowledgable team of professional contractors. We work closely with business and homeowners throughout the design and dock construction phases to make sure that their planned project fulfills their schedule and budgetary goals.

Every time, we provide a complete client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, on-site organization, and excellent craftsmanship. We collaborate with homeowners to create a perfect and purpose-driven project that you’ll love. Get in touch today to apply our extensive construction knowledge and project management abilities to your next project.

We’re a locally owned and maintained company with over 18 years of expertise constructing marine structures. Our business is situated in Hollywood and we place a heavy focus on betterment of our local communities through thorough work and outstanding customer service. We won’t sign off on a job until you’re completely satisfied with the project.

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