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Custom Decks

A new deck or patio is more than just an outdoor living space. The right deck can seamlessly blend into the surround yard and open up and entire new area of your home where you can entertain guests, enjoy family time, and relax on your downtime. The key is building the correct deck for your yard and including the features that you need most. Hollywood Marine Construction can help transform your dream into a reality. You can’t go wrong with the best tiki bar and gazebo builders in the area.

From basic patios or sun decks to multilevel outdoor living spaces with kitchens and fireplaces, HMC can do it all. We can match the style of your waterfront dock and combine them into one amazing open-air area, perfect for having guests over and family get togethers. We guarantee that you’ll love your new deck!

Deck Types

We are one of the most experienced South Florida deck builders, and we can build with most materials, including concrete, composite decking materials, wood (including cedar, pine, Ipe and more), and PVC. We find that composite materials last the longest and offer the most color choices. Ipe is a great choice for high-end installations, or installations that will connect to an existing dock that’s constructed of the same hardwood. Pine and cedar are for anyone on a smaller budget, and concrete is resilient to all weather conditions.

Vinyl and Composite Decks

The most popular decking material is made from a composite mixture, which is mostly a type of plastic that is extruded into a mold. These types of decking tend to last a very long time, require much less maintenance than wood, come in an assortment of colors and a few different textures, and look great in just about any location. The only downside to these materials is that they are more expensive than most woods.

Wood Decking

Pine and Cedar

Wood decks and docks are classic and for good reason. Wood is sustainable (when harvested correctly), solid, reasonably priced, and beautiful. There are thousands of different species, but decking is usually constructed of either cedar or pine. These two choices are similar in price, although cedar costs a little more. They both require yearly maintenance in order to keep them avoid issues later.

Ipe – Brazilian Walnut

Ipe (pronounced E-Pay) is another amazing wood that is popular in southern Florida. It’s also referred to as Brazilian Walnut, and this species of wood is extremely dense, making it resistant to rot and weathering. The cost of Ipe is considerably more than standard pine or cedar, but Ipe decks are truly stunning to look at, and there’s no better-looking material for high-end installations.

Deck Repairs and Upgrades

It’s vital to keep your deck or patio in good condition so it will last longer and provide the entertainment it was designed to provide. If your deck or patio is getting older and could use some assistance, call HMC today for a no-hassle, complimentary inspection. We offer deck repair services and upgrades depending on the condition and intended outcome of the project. We’ll provide the options that you have available, and you can make the decision on which direction you’d like to move in.

We can also upgrade any current deck to better reflect your needs and wants. Want to install a couple new benches against a railing? We can help! Finally ready to add the gazebo on the deck? We’re expert gazebo builders! Looking for some outdoor kitchen deck ideas? Ask us! We’ve built dozens of them and can help you plan them out.

The signs that your deck needs some help are pretty hard to ignore. Nails and screws that have popped up, broken, cracked, or splintered boards, raised or lowered areas, and discolored boards are all significant issues and should be addressed as soon as possible. Hollywood Marine Construction is available to help! Call us today to schedule a free, no-hassle consultation.

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